CoolWorks.com was created in September of 1995 – born unto the world from the Tower Ranger Station inside Yellowstone National Park. Our mission back then was the same as it is today. Cool Works lives and thrives to help Magic Wand Wielders in these stunning locations find amazing and adventurous people to fill their jobs in great places.

Simultaneously, and equally important, we get to help change lives – one seasonal job at a time.

The seven of us that make up team CoolWorks have all had our lives changed by taking a chance on the road less traveled. Over 21 years, thousands of people have used our site to find a new job. And often as a part of that journey they also discover new love, new courage, new passion, new family, a new home – a fork in the road to a future that they never expected as the result of a seasonal job.

We created this blog with the belief that storytelling cheers, emboldens and encourages us to tell and create our own stories. We started the blog in the hopes that learning about other people’s experience might help some dreamers work up the courage to take the plunge themselves.

Has a seasonal job changed you life? We would love to hear about it. Drop us a line if you’re interested in telling your story: greatjobs@coolworks.com

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  1. FREDDY GEORGE says:

    Is there a message board on here? I would like some input from others on the best warm places to work in winter here in the US. I’m a restaurant professional in Alaska for the summer. I would like to do one last seasonal job somewhere warm this winter. Somewhere that the restaurants are crazy buzy. Thanks


  2. coolworksblog says:

    Hi Freddy! We don’t have a message board here on the Dream Big Blog. Head over to our forum at my.coolworks.com

    That’s where you’ll find the people with the answers you seek. Happy adventuring!


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