I was an administrative assistant for a health insurance company with full health benefits, a 401k plan, vacation/sick days and a salary that allowed me to live comfortably.  It was a good life, but I wanted to experience life outside of Corporate World.  I wanted to experience The West – just like in all those…


As a born-and-raised Texan, I knew a lot about Texas. When I finished my first year at The University of Texas at Austin, I was ready to know somewhere else. I read a story about a man gutting fish in Alaska for a summer, and I wanted in. I literally googled, “gutting fish in Alaska…


I’ve been sick with it for as long as I can remember. I was stricken with the fever as a tiny child and have been plagued by its symptoms ever since, which range from the mild and manageable to the cruel and unusual: I can name every single flavor of tree shaped car air fresheners….


Since arriving in Montana, I have been bombarded with an invigorating sense of truly being alive. My life here differs drastically from the norm, giving it the impression of being unrealistic, a dream land. In fact, my friends and I jokingly call our home here Neverland, an imaginary time warp that confuses the days and…


I was 20 yrs old and hittin’ the road. Excited would be an understatement, though I won’t discount the nerves. The American journeyman, adventurer, and wanderer has usually followed some kind of internal compass which more often than not has pointed west. Growing up in Western Oregon, I had little option but to head east….